Your doing so will help us to:

  • Push for elimination of angling method “Discrimination” that exists in the current  Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission's Special Regulations.
  • Encourage the PFBC to provide increased training for “Catch & Release” Trout Fishing.
  • work with the PFBC to increase non-discriminatory trout angling opportunities for ALL trout fishermen in Pennsylvania.
  • Encourage collaboration among all trout fishermen with the goal of cleaner streams and better fishing.
  • Disseminate data and conclusions from recent trout hooking mortality studies.

We are also looking for some volunteer leaders to help us in promoting this New initiative:  Positions include: Regional director, Regional Administrator, Director of Catch & Release Education, Board Members,  & Legal Council (Attorney). 

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  • Work to continue to reduce the long-standing trout angler bias against bait fishermen who also employ “Catch & Release” trout fishing techniques.
  • Work with the PFBC in promoting a “Resource First” policy that does not discriminate based on angling methods.