PA Special Regulations

Did you know that there are 217 stream sections in Pennsylvania that have "special regulations" assigned to them? This totals 440 miles of stream. The unfortunate and UNFAIR part of this is that the majority (79% or 171) of these stream sections do not allow the use of bait. Historically speaking, the reason for this might have been concerns over the survival of released bait caught trout.  Older scientific studies indicated a high mortality for bait caught fish.  Over the past decade, there has been a substantial amount of new evidence regarding bait fishing mortality in moving water that shows a mortality similar to flies and lures.  Couple this with the tremendous long-term tested success of the current All-Tackle stream sections we have in PA and now we all need to question why every one of these stream sections is not under All-Tackle Special Regulations management? 


Special Trout Regulations – PA No harvest, Trophy Trout, Delayed harvest Flies only, Artificial only, All tackle, Miscellaneous Special Regs (August 2017 PFBC)


217 Stream reaches

440 miles


Special Trout Regulations - PA

  • 217 Stream reaches
  • 440 miles

Bait allowed:

  • 21% of stream reaches (32)
  • 49% of total miles


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